Expendables Training Program – A Sylvester Stallone Throwback

Expendables Training Program – A Sylvester Stallone Throwback

Normally we try to put up a training video of a movie that will be released within the next few months.  However, we felt as if this was a classic, old school, action thriller movie that needed to be addressed.


Sylvester Stallone… what a physical specimen.  Take one look at Sly and you have to ask yourself, “How is this guy 60 years old!  I hope I look half as good as he does.”


With some intense training, and in his case, some HGH, his physique rivals that of the “20 something” year old actors.  Well developed upper body and a six pack that could make any woman blush, make his body the 8th wonder of the world.


Here is a program that was modeled after his role in his newest action packed movie, The Expendables.


Try this program out for yourself.




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